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US Supreme Court Restores Access To Abortion Pill: Massive Set-Back In The Anti-Abortion Movement

US Supreme Court gave a ruling on Thursday that gives women the right to access mifepristone, an abortion pill, to end a pregnancy. It was a huge win for women’s reproductive rights advocates after Republican-led states ban access to abortion.


On Thursday, through a 9 to 0 ruling, the justices at the United States Supreme Court unanimously agreed to restore women’s right to use abortion pills as before. The ruling differs from the court’s conservative branches. In the court’s opinion letter, it’s stated that anti-abortion groups didn’t have a clear standing to sue the FDA, which administrates the flow of abortion pills throughout the country.


The anti-abortion movement came to light after Roe VS Wade was overturned in a Supreme Court in 2022. It was the very case that legislated abortion as a right in the US Constitution. GOP leaders and lawmakers have repeatedly taken reference from the overturning of Roe VS Wade to limit abortions. Joe Biden blamed Republicans for the whole debate around whether abortion should be legal or not.

In fact, abortion rights are one of the main focuses of Biden’s reelection bid. While reproductive rights advocates are happy with the ruling, anti-abortion groups have reacted negatively.

Mifepristone is an abortion drug used in more than 60% of abortion procedures in the USA. It’s even prescribed to miscarriage patients. FDA labeled it totally safe and more effective than other pills available on the market.



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