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US Senates Vote To Advance Aid In Ukraine, Israel And Taiwan

After months of deliberation, the US Senate made a crucial decision on Tuesday to advance aid in Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. This decision has not been without its detractors, as 19 votes were against the assistance. These dissenting voices argue that the US should prioritize its domestic issues over international conflicts.

Chuck Schumer, Senate majority leader, requested his fellow senators to “give the vote as expeditiously as possible (preferably on Tuesday)” so that the US can help its friends overseas. A bill of $95 Billion was passed the same day.

Reportedly, $ 61 billion will be sent to Ukraine as it has been fighting the Russian invasion for more than 2 years. Ukraine’s President, Vladimir Zelenesky, wrote on X that President Biden reassured him that the fund will surely come and will be powerful.”

A significant portion of the aid, around $26 billion, will be directed towards Israel, with the remaining $8 billion earmarked for Taiwan to counter the threat from communist China. However, this decision has not been without controversy.

According to The Associated Press, several senators expressed reservations about providing additional aid to Israel, particularly in light of the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wrote on X that the decision to send more aid to Israel is “Unconscionable.” 17 out of the 19 votes against the bill belonged to House Republicans, while 80 votes were in favor of passing it. The bill would have still passed with only 60 votes in its favor.

Pleased with the result of the vote, Schumer said, “Today the Senate sends a unified message to the entire world: America will always defend democracy in its hour of need.”

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