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University Of Michigan Students Stage Protest By Walking Out Of The Graduation Ceremony

A handful of students staged a protest during the graduation ceremony at the University of Michigan on Saturday. Thousands of attendees applauded the protestors, who were demonstrating a walk-out wearing keffiyehs and carrying a Palestinian flag.

On Saturday, the University of Michigan held its much-awaited graduation ceremony, which was attended by tens of thousands of people. Amid the graduates receiving certificates, some of the pro-Palestine protesters wearing graduation gowns staged a walkout from the event carrying placards and Palestinian flags.

Some of the Play-cards read, “Divest from Israel now! Free Palestine!” and “No universities left in Gaza.” Chants of Israel bombs, U-Mich pays!” and “How many kids have you killed today?” were also heard. Reportedly, no students were arrested that day.

US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro was an esteemed guest at the ceremony. He addressed the crowd, saying, “Ladies & gentlemen, kindly pay attention to the stage,” as many were distracted by the pro-Palestine slogans. He further said, “We have to protect the freedoms that we so cherish,” hinting toward “the right to protest peacefully.”

Brittany, a graduate of the University of Michigan, shared her feelings: “I support people speaking up for what they believe in. You know, I know some people will say it’s disruptive, but other than that, how else are they going to bring attention to it? And I definitely think they’re advocating for something they believe in. These are innocent lives they’re advocating for. So, disrupt my graduation."

University of Michigan students have been actively carrying out Pro-Palestinian rallies and solidarity encampments for the past two weeks. On Friday, two student activists were arrested outside the Museum. A dinner was arranged there to honor the graduates. According to police, the detained students were impeding the traffic in that area.

Almost every major university in the US is facing turmoil due to the Pro-Palestine encampments. On Saturday, at least 25 students protesting at the University of Virginia were detained after Police sprayed chemical gas to disperse the crowd.

Till now, around 2000 protestors from various universities and colleges have been arrested by the Police force. The students demand that their institute divest from companies profiting from the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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