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United States Vetoes Palestine’s Appeal To Become A Full Member Of The United Nations

A United States veto has blocked Palestine from gaining its “full-member” acknowledgment from the United Nations. The Palestinian presidency has called the move “unfair, unethical, and unjustified.” Both the UK and Switzerland abstained from voting.

Palestine submitted its appeal to become an acknowledged state or member of the UN on Thursday. It previously gained a “non-member observer” status from the general assembly in 2012. The UN ambassador of the Palestinian Territories commented on the “historic” event: “We hope the Security Council will elevate itself to implanting the global consensus on the two-state solution by admitting the state of Palestine for full membership.”

Although 12 out of 15 votes were in favor of a Palestinian state, the United States threw a veto, blocking the emergence of a two-state solution. The US State Department spokesperson refused to admit any ill-intention toward forming a Palestinian state. He said, “ The United States strongly supports a two-state solution. This vote does not reflect opposition to Palestinian statehood but acknowledges that it will only come from direct negotiations between the parties.”

Britain’s ambassador to the UN, Barbara Woodward, said she believes it’s more urgent to fight the crisis in Gaza right now. “We believe that such recognition of Palestinian statehood should not come at the start of a new process, but it doesn’t have to be at the very end of the process,” she added.

Israel’s foreign ministry is applauding the US for the veto. Foreign minister Kartz wrote on X, “The proposal to recognize a Palestinian state, more than 6 months after the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and after the sexual crimes and other atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists, was a reward for terrorism.”

Israel’s UN ambassador further said, “This won’t be a regular state. It will be a Palestine-Nazi state, an entity that achieved statehood despite being committed to terror and Israel’s annihilation.”

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