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UN Raises Alarm For Mass Graves Found At Two Hospital Grounds In Gaza

UN Human Rights Chief called for an investigation into the mass graves containing hundreds of bodies at Al-Shifa & Al-Nasser hospital grounds in Gaza. Both Palestinian and Israeli sources differ in statements regarding these graves.

On Tuesday, the UN human rights office raised the alarm over the newly found mass graves at hospital grounds in Gaza as the Israeli troops have finally withdrawn from the area. Volker Türk, the chief of the human rights office, called for an independent investigation ‘given the situation of impunity” in Gaza right now.

“We feel the need to raise the alarm because clearly there have been multiple bodies discovered,” a spokesperson for Volker Türk said.

Shortly after the UN’s statement, Israeli military force put forward an explanation, saying they had exhumed the bodies of the Israeli hostages from the graves.

“The examination was carried out respectfully while maintaining the dignity of the deceased,” the statement said. “Bodies examined, which did not belong to Israeli hostages, were returned to their place.” Israeli statement read. However, there was no explanation of how the bodies were examined or identified as Israeli hostages.

Contrary to that, Palestinian Civil Defense gave a different explanation, saying that in January, hospital workers at Al Nasser had to bury 150 dead people in the hospital yard as the fighting outside made it extremely dangerous to travel to a cemetery.

Mahmoud Basal, a spokesman for Palestinian Civil Defense, told journalists some of the bodies found in Khan Younis were handcuffed, shot in the head, or wearing detainee uniforms. He blamed Israeli soldiers for breaking into the hospital and carrying out a massacre.

At least 283 dead bodies have been uncovered at the grounds of Al Nasser Hospital located in Khan Younis; one week later, a similar grave was discovered in Al-Shifa.

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