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UN Adopts Permanent Ceasefire Resolution Sponsored By USA

The UN Security Council approved the ceasefire proposal endorsed by the US on Monday, paving the way for an Israel-Hamas negotiation. 14 out of 15 members voted in favor of the proposal, while Russia abstained.

On June 10th, the Security Council members, who hold the most power to put international pressure on both Israel and Hamas, unanimously agreed to a ceasefire resolution to end the eight-month-long war. The proposal endorsed by the USA includes a three-phase plan, including a permanent ceasefire and the release of Israeli hostages. Russia abstained from voting in favor of the deal, saying, “the plan lacks clarity.”

Russia’s UN ambassador Nebenzia said, “Hamas is called upon to accept this so-called deal, but still there is no clear clarity regarding official agreement from Israel. Given the many statements from Israel on the extension of the war until Hamas is completely defeated. What specifically has Israel agreed to?"

It’s still unclear whether Israel and Hamas will agree to the deal without further conditions. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is currently visiting Israel to try to convince Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to the comprehensive ceasefire proposal adopted by the U.N.

Hamas leaders have welcomed the resolution, stating they are ready to work with mediators to indirectly negotiate with Israel. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his determination to dismantle Hamas from its roots before starting any ceasefire talks.

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