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U.S Drone Worth $30 Million Destroyed By Militant Group Houthis In Yemen

A third U.S Air Force MQ-9 drone went over the coast of Yemen on Friday and ended up being shot down by the rebel group Houthis. Before this, the same group destroyed two other MQ-9 drones, each worth at least $30 Million.

According to U.S. military officials, the drone went over the coast of Yemen. The Iran-backed militant group Houthis admitted to having shot down the drone as it passed Yemen’s border. Before this, two other MQ-9 drones faced a similar fate in November and February. Each of them cost around $30 Million, according to the U.S. military’s statement on the issue.

The purpose of these drones is to monitor or safeguard hundreds of commercial or military ships crossing the Red Sea, which might get attacked by the Houthis. The Yemeni group has a record of targeting U.S. ships with loads of supplies for its ally, Israel.

The Houthis have long been in support of the Palestinian people and want to stop Israel from getting weapons or other supplies that can be used against innocent civilians in Gaza.

However, the U.S. Air Force claims that all the ships that were targeted by the Houthis had no connection to Israel. Moreover, the U.S. Air Force strikes attacks on Houthis from time to time if the latter is caught planning to attack U.S. ships or drones.

The deputy press secretary, Sabrina Singh, commented on these attacks: " The U.S. certainly will continue to do everything we can to protect commercial shipping through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden and, of course, do everything that we need to protect our forces."

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