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Two Paramedics Killed In Israeli Airstrike In Rafah: WHO Demands Protection Of Health Workers!

During the Israeli airstrike in Rafah’s Tal Al-Sultan, two paramedics of PRCS (Palestine Red Crescent Society), who were inside a marked ambulance trying to help wounded people, were killed. IFRC has condemned the heinous act, calling it a direct attack on humanitarian workers who had no involvement in the war.

According to PRCS’s reports, the paramedics were Haitham Tubasi and Suhail Hassouna. They, along with other volunteers of PRCS, reached the refuge camps located in Tal Al-Sultan to help injured civilians. The Israeli airstrikes since Oct.7 have killed at least 19 members of the Red Crescent Society.

“I am heartbroken by the killing of two Palestine Red Crescent paramedics, Haitham Tubasi and Suhail Hassouna, while on duty. This is unacceptable and must stop,” wrote Jagan Chapagain on X. The head of IFRC, Kate Forbes, also penned down her thoughts on the matter, “Each death in this conflict is one too many. We must have our staff and volunteers protected.”

Gaza Health Ministry said the attack can’t be unintentional and accused Israel of trying to “annihilate Gaza’s health system.” Israel has narrowed down the aid supply by 67% in Gaza since the beginning of the Rafah invasion almost three weeks ago. UN is concerned such restrictions on aid supply could lead to a famine worsening the already humanitarian situation in Rafah.

Since Israel’s airstrike last week, “All Eyes On Rafah” has been trending on all social media platforms, showcasing global support for the Palestinians as they eagerly await a ceasefire.

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