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Trump Trial Update: Playboy Model Stormy Daniels Takes Witness Stand, Shares Explicit Details Of Her Encounter With Trump

Playboy model Stormy Daniels, who allegedly received $130,000 from Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, was asked to take the witness stand on Tuesday. The former adult actress unveiled her sensuous encounter with Donald Trump and gave specific details even Judge Juan Merchan felt uncomfortable with.

Tuesday was a great turn for Trump’s ongoing trial, as the key witness in the case, Stormy Daniels herself, sat in front of the judge to face prosecution. The 18+ model and actress was a difficult witness, as she kept going off track during her testimony and shared details that made everyone in the courtroom, including the jury, fairly uncomfortable.

Daniels recollected that she first met Trump during a celebrity golf tournament in 2006. During their “chat,” Trump asked Daniels about the business of the adult film industry, which the model much appreciated. Later, both of them went to Trump’s Lake Tahoe hotel room, where the alleged sexual encounter took place. To prove her point, Daniels even started to describe what the hotel room floor looked like, as well as many other tiny details. 

According to Daniels, she excused herself to use the washroom, and when she entered the room again, she saw Trump undressed to his undergarments. “At first, I was just startled, like a jump scare. I wasn’t expecting someone to be there, especially minus a lot of clothing,” she added, “He stood up between me and the door. Not in a threatening manner. He didn’t come at me; he didn’t rush at me. " She even mimicked how Trump was sitting when she came out of the loo. "I had my clothes and my shoes off. I removed my bra. We were in a missionary position.” She added.

That’s when Judge Merchan warned Daniels not to share explicit details of the night and to stay focused on her testimony. However, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, argued that “there’s no way to unring the bell.” According to the defense team, Daniels crossed the line and shared unnecessary details to prejudice the jury against Trump. Hence, the defense claimed a mistrial. 

Trump's attorney, Necheles, urged the Jury that the "salacious testimony" had nothing to do with the actual charge against Trump, which is falsifying business records. During the lunch break, Trump shared his strategy with his followers on Truth Social: “THE PROSECUTION, WHICH HAS NO CASE, HAS GONE TOO FAR. MISTRIAL!”

However, Judge Juan Merchan refused the mistrial motion, saying he sustained most of the defense team's objections. “I do think there are some things that would have been better left unsaid. Having said that, I don’t believe we’re at a point where a mistrial is warranted,” he said.

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