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Trump Trial Update: Lawyer Keith Davidson Testified On The Third Week

Trump’s high-profile hush-money trial sees a new witness in its third week, lawyer Keith Davidson, who represented both Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. Texts between Davidson and the Chief content officer of AMI were the core of Tuesday’s trial.

Keith Davidson was Karen McDougal's and Stormy Daniels's lawyer. He sealed their deals with American Media Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer.

Davidson admitted that he had known Dylan Howard for a long time. So, AMI’s affiliation with Trump’s presidential campaign was not a secret to him. Hence, when he learned about Karen McDougal’s story, he informed Howard first, saying, “ I have a blockbuster Trump story.” To which the latter replied, “Talk 1st thing. I will get you more than Anyone for it.”

After a hefty amount of back-and-forth negotiation, Davidson successfully sold the rights to Karen’s story to Howard, which was never published in the National Enquirer.

According to Davidson, McDougal was offered another deal from ABC News, but with a condition to speak publicly about her personal relations with the former President, which made the Playboy model reluctant. McDougal was more interested in AMI’s offer as it didn’t require her to say anything in front of the camera.

 In his testimony, Davidson said his only interest was to yield the best deal for his client. He initially asked for $1M for the story but ended up closing the deal for $150,000.

Before Davidson, the former CEO of National Enquirer, David Pecker, executives of the Trump organization and the first republic bank gave their testimonies. The charges against Donald Trump are that he concealed and manipulated his financial statements to conceal the original purpose of paying his former fixer, Michael Cohen, $130,000.

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