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Trump To Demand A “Drug Test” For Biden Prior To The Presidential Debate In June

Former President Donald Trump has once again made a headline, this time demanding a drug test for the current President before their first Presidential Debate this year. He further claimed the President was “jacked up” during his State of the Union address.

On Wednesday, both Biden and Trump were invited to participate in a crucial Presidential Debate, an event that all American voters eagerly anticipate every election year. Both candidates promptly accepted the invitation, and the debate will be televised by CNN and ABC.

However, during a dinner party hosted by Minnesota Republican Party's Lincoln Reagan on Friday, Trump made a surprising announcement. He stated, "I'm gonna demand a drug test too, by the way. I am, I really am. I don’t want him coming in like the State of the Union; he was as high as a kite.” Trump's demand was met with mixed reactions, with some questioning its necessity and fairness.

This is not the first time Trump has made such allegations. In an old interview with BBC, he said President Biden was “jacked up” during his speech for the State of the Union.

Rep. Greg Murphy supported Trump’s claims: "I was in the State of the Union address, and Joe Biden must have been jacked up on something that day. I absolutely believe that from a medical viewpoint, and I actually have a little bit of good knowledge of what happened.”

“He can’t stand, and he can’t stand under the lights for that long, and I don’t think he can keep a concept in his brain that long,” Murphy continued.

The debates are scheduled for June and September, which gives the two Presidential candidates less than a month to prepare. 

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