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Trump Sues New York Court Judge In An Attempt To Delay The Upcoming Hush-Money Case Trial

Donald Trump turned to an Appellate court on Monday to delay his upcoming trial on April 15. The legal effort went in vain, as the jury selection process for the trial was all set. The former president then filed a lawsuit against Judge Merchan, who rejected his appeal.

Donald Trump is not leaving any stone unturned to forestall his hush-money case trial. The trial was originally scheduled for March 25. However, it was later moved to April 15 as lawyers asked for more time to review the latest federal investigation report related to the case.

The details of the case remain undisclosed, but recent filings with the court, titled 'change of venue' and 'stay,' suggest Trump's legal team is seeking to transfer the case to another New York City Borough, potentially Staten Island. This move, coupled with a request to lift the gag order, indicates a strategic shift in Trump's legal tactics.

Trump was placed under a gag order after he publicly criticized jurors, witnesses, and the daughter of Judge Merchan, who runs a firm that primarily serves Democrats, including Joe Biden. Trump’s defense team has raised concerns about the judge's impartiality, given his daughter’s professional affiliations, leading to the imposition of the gag order.

Trump’s defense attorney. Emil Bove earlier said, “The jury selection can not proceed in a fair manner.”

As a last resort, Trump filed a lawsuit against Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing his famous case in the New York Court, after his appeal for a venue change was rejected. Under Article 78, judges in New York can be sued over their judicial decisions.

This is not the first time Trump has sued a judge. He did the same with Judge Ergogon, claiming that the judge had abused his power during his New York civil fraud case last August.

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