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Trump’s Trial Update:  Prosecutors Call Two New Witnesses After David Pecker

After interrogating former National Enquirer CEO David Pecker, prosecutors of Trump’s hush-money case called two new witnesses. One is Trump’s long-time executive assistant, while the second witness is a bank executive.

Trump’s ongoing trial took an exciting turn this Friday, as David Pecker’s testimony was wrapped up after three consecutive days of interrogation. The Prosecutors questioned two new witnesses in the case.

The first witness was Rhona Graff, a senior executive in Trump’s organization who usually manages Trump’s meetings in the Trump Tower. When asked, she recalled seeing the names of Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels while arranging the ex-president's schedules. She even claimed to have seen Stormy Daniels in the waiting room of Trump Tower once. Her testimony was wrapped up within one and a half hours.

Moving on to the second witness, Gary Farro, an executive of First Republic Bank, was called. He was asked whether he had any knowledge of a payment transfer from Michael Cohen’s account to Miss Daniels, to which he replied positively. The transaction involved $130,000 paid to the adult actress to buy her silence on her relationship with Donald Trump.

From Pecker’s testimony, it’s now clear how the “catch and kill” strategy works. The former National Enquirer executive confirmed that he promised to be Trump’s “eyes and ears” and would bury negative stories before they could be printed in a newspaper. This strategy worked like magic as Trump won the race to the White House in 2016, defeating an up-and-coming candidate, Hillary Clinton.

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