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Trump’s Hush-Money Trial Enters Deliberation Week- The Show About To End!

Donald Trump’s highly publicized hush-money trial is nearing its end, as lawyers of both sides have presented their closing arguments. Today, Judge Juan Merchan and the 12-member jury will submit their deliberations and try to reach a unanimous verdict.

According to former President Trump’s social media, Truth Social, he has already left for court. He posted, in all caps, “THERE WAS NO CRIME, EXCEPT FOR THE BUM THAT GOT CAUGHT STEALING FROM ME! IN GOD WE TRUST!”

Although the judge has barred him from saying negative things about the witnesses, lawyers, and judges on any online platform, Trump seems to have found a way to share his feelings. It’s unclear whether he will be sanctioned today for indirectly blaming the judge and Michael Cohen. Trump’s lawyer, Todd Balanche, said in his closing argument that Cohen’s statement couldn’t be considered after he was proven to be an untrustworthy witness.

Prosecutors urged the jury to focus more on the documents rather than Cohen’s statement, as it’s clear in papers that Trump did try to stifle negative stories about him by paying an adult actress through Cohen and disguised the payment as a yearly reimbursement to his lawyer. The prosecutors claim that such a move by Trump hoodwinked the voters during the 2016 election, leading to his win.

Judge Merchan will turn to the six alternate jury members in case any of the original members decide to quit or step down. The jury has been instructed on how to reach a decision and on the legal issues and considerations of any particular verdict.

Trump is not the only high-profile figure attending the Manhattan courthouse on Wednesday. Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein will also be present at the same court only three floors above. Deliberations of former President Donald Trump’s hush-money case start at 10.00 am, while Weinstein, who is accused of raping, will show up at 2.30 pm.

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