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Trump's Hush-Money Case Runs At Full-Speed: All 18 Jurors Have Been Selected

All 18 jurors have been seated for ex-president Donald Trump’s first criminal trial in the Lower Manhattan court. On Friday, Judge Juan Merchan narrowed the list of 200 prospectives into 12 jurors and 6 alternates, so the trial runs at full speed.

The paneled jurors are from vastly different backgrounds, including investment bankers, speech therapists, teachers, and lawyers. Thus, Trump’s effort to postpone the trial by creating obstacles in jury selection has become void.

Judge Merchan appointed the first seven jurors for Trump's hush-money case on Tuesday. However, one of them wanted to step down from the role the next day, claiming that her identity might have been exposed to her colleagues. Since then, she has received calls and messages from people.

The “nurse,” who predominantly works with cancer patients, revealed that it would be difficult for her to be fair and unbiased. After her departure, another woman picked for the panel raised her hand and said she also was having “anxiety.”

Prosecutors, who were allowed to dismiss a juror without giving any reason, asked an empaneled man to leave after doubting his honesty. According to the lawyers, the man didn’t answer truthfully during the selection.

Trump has previously tried to change the trial location and sue Juan Merchan to delay the hearings of his highly publicized criminal case. As expected, he is not very happy with the fast pace of jury selection.

The former president, age 77, has 34 counts of felony focusing on falsifying business records, making a $130,000 payment to his lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who allegedly paid it to adult actress Stormy Daniels to deny her relationships with the business tycoon. If convicted, he could end up in prison and lose all his chances of returning to the White House again.

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