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“True Promise” Came True As Hundreds Of Iranian Rockets Attacked Israel: What Is Next?

After a week-long anticipation, Iran finally launched an attack on Israel on Sunday night, marking the first direct assault on Israel since its birth in 1948.

Iran’s President vowed to retaliate after the air strike on one of its consulate buildings located in Damascus, Syria. After the April 1st air strike, both the USA and Israel were anticipating an attack soon.

At last, on Sunday, hundreds of drones and missiles brightened the Israeli sky, sparking fear among the settlers. A total of 350 rockets were launched, including 170 drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles.

According to the Israeli military, “99% of the projectiles were intercepted successfully by Israel’s aerial defense system and its allies.” One a few rockets fell on Israel’s Nevatim airbase. But the damage wasn’t too grave.

Rear Admiral of Israel’s defense force, Hagari, said, “Iranian ballistic missiles that reached Israel fell on the airbase in the south of the country and caused only light structural damage. The base is functioning and continuing its operations following the attack, with planes continuing to use it.”

US ships in the Mediterranean Sea helped intercept at least 10 missiles. Jordan, which shares a border with Israel, indirectly helped Israel by closing its airspace for Iranian drones. 

Even though casualties were minimal, Israel’s military chief has warned Iran to wait for a “response.” It’s still unclear how Israel is going to react to such a horrific attack.

Iran’s attack was “promised” after an Israeli air strike on its embassy building, most likely directed from the “Nevatim” airbase, killed 3 top commanders of IRGC as well as 4 senior officers.

Both countries have a long history of indirect attacks on each other. Iran has openly supported anti-Israel militant groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthis even before Oct 7.

Seven leaders, including the USA, Britain, France, and Germany, have requested their ally (Israel) to refrain from making decisions in a rush. If Israel engages in warfare with Iran, it would escalate the already prominent tension in the Middle East region.

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