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Tornados Roar Through Nebraska And Iowa Flattening Homes & Important Structures

A series of tornados plowed through the suburban areas in Nebraska and Iowa on Friday. The origin of the tornado is reported to be Omaha, where the casualty rate is much higher.

The Nation Weather Service was notified of ongoing tornados from at least five different states. Up until now, no report of someone being killed has come forward. However, houses have been flattened, and people injured.

Traffic cameras show tractors being overturned by strong wind blocking traffic flow in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Omaha Fire Chief Kathy Bossman reached the Elkhorn neighborhood at around 4 p.m. “It appears that many houses have been flattened, and many houses have also been damaged significantly. We have power outages, power lines down, gas leaks, unstable structures, and trees that are down.”

Pat Woods, an eyewitness who lives in Elkhorn, described the experience. “We could hear it coming through. When we came up, our fence was gone, and we looked to the northwest, and the whole neighborhood's gone," he told the Associated Press.

First responders have started the arduous task of cleaning up the wreckage after the thunderstorm catastrophe. However, the recovery process is expected to be prolonged as the affected areas are riddled with toppled trees, power outages, gas leakage, and other hazardous conditions.

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