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Taiwan Faces Strongest Earthquake In Decades: More Than 1000 Civilians Injured!

Taiwan was struck by a 7.4-magnitude earthquake on Wednesday. According to Taiwan’s Earthquake Monitoring Agency, this was the strongest earthquake to hit the island country since 1999.

A regular Wednesday morning in Taiwan turned tragic when its citizens felt buildings, bridges, and roads trembling uncontrollably. Even though the earthquake monitoring agency admits to forecasting an earthquake, they couldn’t estimate it to be so disastrous, thus failing to convey appropriate alarm signals.

A 59-year-old woman, Chang Hsin, said, “The walls were crumbling. Shortly after, another quake hit, causing the entire house to tilt."

Reportedly, 10 people were killed, and the number of injured has reached 1038 as of Thursday. The strongest earthquake Taiwan has ever faced struck in 1999, taking the lives of 2400 people. However, the severity of casualties has lowered significantly due to Taiwan’s engineering techniques and disaster preparedness.

Thirty-eight workers are still missing on their way to hotels after completing their shifts. The majority of the victims were pedestrians who were suddenly hit by landslides.

For now, the National Fire Agency is focusing on rescuing people who are still stuck inside the rubble. The earthquake hit 11 miles south of Hualien city, triggering tsunami alarms in Japan and the Philippines.


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