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Robert F Kennedy Jr Had To Deal With Rare Parasites Stuck In His Brain- Claims The “Worms” Ate A Piece Of His Brain & Died

Robert F Kennedy Jr, in a 2012 deposition, detailed health issues he had been suffering from, including severe headaches and short-term memory loss due to a “worm” found in his brain. He further mentioned that the “worm” got inside his body during his environmental work in India.

The New York Times recently dug out RFK Jr’s abnormal medical case, stating that the presidential candidate went through a major health crisis in 2010. The details of the physical crisis were later described by the patient, RFK Jr himself, during a 2012 deposition for his divorce. He claimed the doctors found a parasite or worm in his brain, which had already eaten a small piece of his brain and died. He also specifies suffering from short-term memory loss as well as brain fog all the time. 

RFK Jr was seen talking freely about his medical history in a podcast called “Pushing the Limits with Brian Shiparo.” Here, he again brings up the “worm,” recollecting how, at first, the doctors believed it was a brain tumor until another doctor saw his brain scan and called him. According to him, the doctor said, “They said that this is almost certainly a parasite that got into your brain.” He further added, “It’s a parasite very common in India, where I have done a lot of environmental work.”

According to healthcare professionals, the parasite RFK Jr has been talking about is similar to what we know as pork tapeworms. Dr. Peter Hotez, an infectious disease expert, refuses to approve or disapprove of RFK Jr’s story, saying, “It’s an incomplete story,” and he can’t speak without looking at the scans themselves.

RFK Jr’s campaign has published a statement amid buzzing rumors about the Presidential candidate’s poor health. “The issue was resolved more than 10 years ago. He is in robust physical and mental health. Questioning Mr Kennedy’s health is a hilarious suggestion given his competition,” the statement read.

The individual presidential candidate was betting on his younger age and better health compared to Biden and Trump. He was seen hanging out and racing with Snowboard professionals and Olympic gold medalists, hoping to appear more youthful and energetic to the voters. Rumors of a severe health crisis could surely roil up his campaign strategies.

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