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Pro-Palestine Protests Intensify At US Colleges: Hundreds Of Students Are Being Arrested

The Pro-Palestine protests have intensified across the US through college campuses in recent weeks. Failing to negotiate with the protestors, most university administrations have taken help from the state police departments to disperse the crowd gathered around encampments.

“We are Unified. We have lost faith in our administration.” These were the chants heard from one of the campuses in the US, currently tensed with student protests. After weeks of encampments, the administrations have ordered armed police to take down the encampments and detain students if needed. 

As instructed, the LA police force, dressed in riot gear, arrested at least 275 students from 4 colleges across the US. The law enforcement team reportedly used tasers and batons on students and faculty members who refused to leave. At the Washington University of St Louis, at least 80 students were detained, while the number goes up to 100 at the Northeastern University in Boston.

When asked about the arrest, most university leaders claim they “allow” free speech on their campuses. However, the students shouldn’t cross the line and disrespect the University’s policies. Authorities further said that many of the detainees were not university students, and those with university ID cards were let go without any harm. However, the Pro-Palestine protestors, who were at the spot during the clash, disagreed with the statement.

University leaders are panicking as the semester is about to end. The institution urgently needs to arrange a commencement ceremony on the same ground where encampments are taking place. The Vice President of USC has urged protestors to leave the premises and make way for the graduation ceremony. 

In UCLA, both Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel factions were visible. On Sunday, both groups pushed the barricades separating them and engaged in verbal assault as well as physical punches. The university authorities claim that “kill the Jews” chants were being heard at some point.

“As an institution of higher education, we stand firmly for the idea that even when we disagree, we must still engage respectfully and recognize one another’s humanity,” she said. “We are dismayed that certain individuals instead chose to jeopardize the physical safety of the community.”

The Israel-Hamas war since Oct.7 has escalated tension in US colleges, and the cancellation of USC Valedectorian Asna Tabassum’s speech over unspecified reasons has sparked rage among students. The total number of protestors being arrested within the past week can be close to 1000. The students are mainly demanding their universities cut all ties with organizations that support Israel.

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