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Pope Francis Apologizes For Using Vulgar Homophobic Slur After Receiving Major Backlash From LGBTQ+ Community

Pope Francis, who was hailed for being the most “liberal” pontiff in history as he allowed priests to bless same-sex couples, has been under heat for using a homophobic slur to refer to gay men. The 87-year-old Pope officially released an apology on Tuesday in an attempt to calm down the media storm.

A gossip website called Dagospia was the first to quote Pope Francis's statement during a meeting with Italian bishops behind closed doors on May 20th. The source claimed that Pope Francis “jokingly” tried to reiterate his opposition to gay men entering catholic seminaries or becoming priests by saying, “There is already an air of faggotness in the seminaries.” The source also mentioned that bishops who heard the quote were left shocked.

Soon, reputable Italian daily media outlets like La Repubblica & Corriere della Sera confirmed the news. Since then, LGBTQ+ supporters have been criticizing the Pope for throwing insults at the homosexual community, igniting debate on whether gay men should be allowed to be priests or not.

On Tuesday, the Vatican officially released a statement, “The pope never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he extends his apologies to those who felt offended by the use of a term reported by others.” Despite suggesting that unreliable sources reported the slur, the statement never claims that the allegations are totally wrong.

Pope Francis is deemed to be more modern and understanding than his predecessors, especially after allowing same-sex couples to seek blessings from a priest, which drew much backlash from conservative Catholic communities at that time.

When asked about “why he allowed priests to bless a same-sex couple” during an interview with CBS, he said,” What I allowed was not to bless the union. That can’t be done because that’s not in the sacrament. Lord made it that way. But to bless each person, yes, everyone deserves blessing.”

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