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Obama And Clinton Join Biden In New York For Major Fundraising Campaign!

Updated: Mar 30

Photo Credit: The White House

It’s rare to see two former presidents and a current president come on a stage together. But that’s exactly what happened this Thursday at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The reelection fundraising event went successful, with a whopping $25 million raised in a single night, the largest amount collected through a fundraiser in American history.


The venue was studded with celebrities, and ticket prices ranged from $225 to $500,000. The more attendees paid, the closer they could get to the presidents. The event was hosted by comedian Stephen Colbert, who is mostly known for The Late Night Show. He jokingly said, “Tonight we have three presidents in New York at the same time, and none of them are here to go to court,” taunting Donald Trump, who is busy dealing with his hush-money case.


 Queen Latifa and Lizzo also performed at the event before the big three entered the stage, receiving a standing ovation from the audience. The three of them engaged in an hour-long conversation in which the former presidents stressed how difficult the role of a president is. Barack Obama commented, “It’s a lonely seat,” while Bill Clinton noted, “Stay with what’s working.”


The Democratic party has a clear advantage when it comes to funds. President Biden stated his party had $155 million to spend on marketing, TV advertising, etc., while the Republican party only had $34 million in funds. However, the 2016 election is major evidence that the amount of funds doesn’t matter for Trump. He defeated Hillary Clinton, while the latter spent much more cash on the campaign.


Trump reportedly criticized the Thursday event by saying, “deranged Hollywood celebrities opening up their wallets for Biden.” He was seen visiting the wake of slain NYPD officer Jonathon Driller the same day.


The Radio City Music Hall was crowded with security on Thursday. But the event was still interrupted six times when some attendees tried to grab the president’s attention and demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. There were protestors outside the City Hall chanting “Free Palestine.” 







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