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New Abortion Ruling By Florida Supreme Court Issues A Six-Week Ban 

Florida Supreme Court has ordered a six-week ban on abortion this Monday, which will take effect in 30 days. However, the court has also allowed “the right to abortion” to be proposed as a state constitutional amendment in the November 4, 2024 ballot, which can possibly undo the ban. 

Clinics in Florida have a record of providing abortion services to around 80,000 women each year, one of the highest rates in the whole country. People from Alabama and some other southern states used to drive to Florida to get an abortion, as the state was famously known for its less restrictive abortion policies.

But things changed drastically on Monday, April 1, as the fetal heartbeat bill passed. The bill clearly states that abortion is illegal as early as six weeks gestational age. Proponents claim that a fetal heartbeat can be detected around this time. Janel Porter, the author of this legislation, said, “Heartbeat is the universally recognized indicator of life.” 

However, reproductive rights advocates believe this six-week ban is practically banning abortion in its entirety, as women usually don’t find out whether they are pregnant before six weeks, which is also two weeks after a woman misses her period.

The Florida Supreme Court preserved the 15-week ban ruling since the 1973 Roe vs. Wade case, which led to the addition of the “right to privacy” in the US ConstitutionU.S.the US Constitution. However, conservative Republican John Stemberger, newly appointed president of Liberty Counsel Action, called the ruling a “triumph.”

We were right about this all along. It’s a huge victory,” said John Stemberger.

 Anya Cook, an active women’s rights advocate, said, “Run. Run because you have no help here,” addressing the distressed women in Florida. The nearest clinic that still facilitates abortion services under the old 15-week-ban policy is almost a 14-hour drive from Florida.


 For now, women in Florida are opting for abortion pills. Even if the majority of voters in Florida are in support of facilitating aborting rights, they will still have to wait eight months till the new law can be added to the U.S. Constitution. The ruling poses a threat to republican candidates in this area, as political critics predict that many women will now support Biden, who is actively promoting abortion rights in his campaign.

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