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Key Witness Michael Cohen Takes The Witness Stand: Discloses How The Deal With Stormy Daniels Finalized!

Donald Trump’s former fixer and lawyer, Michael Cohen, takes the witness stand on Monday and unravels the shocking inside story of the hush-money payment. He explains how Trump instructed him to stifle the stories circulating about him and former Playboy model Stormy Daniels.

The grand witness, Michael Cohen himself, was present in court to put forward his side of the story in front of the jury. According to him, he first got to know about a sexual encounter between Trump and Daniels in 2011. A magazine was about to publish an article mentioning the salacious interaction between the two. However, Trump instructed Cohen to take down the story, which the latter followed.

Later, before the 2016 election, the story was revived once again following the trail of “Access Hollywood” tape. In Cohen’s words, Trump was furious at this. I thought you had this under control. I thought you took care of this,” he said.

The former CEO of National Enquirer informed Trump about Daniel’s intention to sell the story to news outlets and make a profit. Considering the election was knocking at the door, Trump sent Michael Cohen to negotiate a deal with Keith Davidson, who was representing Stormy Daniels at that time. After a long negotiation period, on Oct 27, 2016, a few days before the election, the deal was finalized between the two parties. Cohen paid the adult actress an amount of $130,00 using a new account he opened with the First Republic Bank.

Michael Cohen admits that Trump was trying to delay the payment to the former actress till the election. In his testimony, he talks about using the Jewish festival “Yom Kippur” as an excuse to delay transactions. As Daniel’s lawyer threatened Cohen to “pay or lose the deal,” Trump finally agreed to take the big step. 

Cohen recollects lying to the employees of First Republic Bank, saying the account was needed for a company called Essential Consultations. “I’m not sure they would’ve opened it if it started to pay off an adult film star for a nondisclosure agreement,” he said.

He then used the account to complete the transaction of $130,000 to the adult actress. However, the story came out anyway, as the Wall Street Journal published a special article discussing the alleged affair as well as National Enquirer’s scheme to benefit Trump’s campaign through the “catch and kill” strategy.

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