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Judge Sets Questionnaire With 42 Questions For Monday’s Hush-Money Trial Juror Selection

Manhattan court is scheduling Trump’s six-week-long hush-money case trial for next week. Prior to the trial, the court is organizing a questionnaire to filter out potential jurors for the former president's first criminal trial.

Donald Trump’s last attempt to delay the juror selection went in vain, as the appellate court rejected his appeals for a change in venue and a stay order. Currently, the Manhattan court is all set to arrange a juror selection program on Monday, seeking to find 18 impartial judges, including 6 alternates.

Judge Merchan, overseeing the trial, has finalized a questionnaire consisting of 42 questions for the candidates. The questions range from simple personal details to highly political ones. The judges must answer where they live, whether they have been part of a jury before, their marital status, educational background, etc.

However, questions get more challenging as we scroll down the questionnaire. The candidates must clarify the type of social media they use, podcasts or radio talks they listen to, religious beliefs that can influence the verdict, etc.

Prosecutors suggested including “Did you support Trump in the 2020 election?” However, Judge Merchan didn’t add it, saying the answers to the rest of the questions would clarify a judge’s political views. 

The questionnaire further asks whether the candidates or their relatives or friends ever had any financial affiliation with the New York business mogul.

President Trump is fighting 34 counts of felony charges against him. He reportedly manipulated his business transaction record during the 2016 election to hide his affiliation with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. The trial will last for over six weeks, and the former president has pleaded not guilty.


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