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Joe Biden To Tighten Asylum Policies To Reduce Illegal Immigration At The U.S-Mexico Border

Joe Biden is all set to introduce newer and stricter laws to regulate asylum access in an attempt to control the ever-increasing number of illegal migrants into the country. 

Reuters confirmed that Biden is planning to propose a new law as a measure to filter out immigrants who can be a severe security threat to the country. The new law will impose an initial screening phase where the criminal history of a migrant seeking asylum will be checked.

Based on the results of this screening, the authorities will decide whether to move toward giving asylum or detain and deport the individual back to his original country. The law still takes a while to be enforced, as sources confirmed to Reuters that it has yet to be finalized. 

As the November 5th, 2024 election is approaching, Biden’s biggest weakness remains his inability to keep the borders in check. In a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of American voters expressed their disappointment on this matter, which could be a significant obstacle for the Biden administration in the race for the White House. 

His opponent, Donald Trump, was much more strict with illegal immigration. He even promised in his ongoing campaign to carry out the most extensive domestic deportation of illegal immigrants in the history of America, even if it requires using National Guards. 

Under the Biden administration, nearly 6.3 million migrants asked for asylum at the U.S-Mexico border, which is more than what it was during the Trump and Obama administrations.

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