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Israel’s Assault On Rafah Continues Despite International Condemnation: Dozens Killed In A Fire Ignited By Israeli Strike

Israel’s ground invasion in Rafah has gotten more intense days after the International Criminal Court ordered Benjamin Netanyahu to halt all operations immediately. The latest massacre involves killing 45 people only 200 meters from the warehouses of UNRWAand UN Relief, a pre-assumed “safe area.”

Israel's military has been operating near the Rafah border for three weeks. However, hours after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets as a warning, IDF dropped bombs on Tel al-Sultan, a neighborhood in Rafah. The attack killed 45 people on the spot, including 13 women and children. The area targeted was marked as a “safe zone” by the IDF on the map they produced for evacuating Palestinian civilians.

UN Security Council has called an urgent meeting to reflect upon the atrocities and violence against Palestinians in Rafah. France’s President took to X to share his opinion on the matter, “These operations must stop. There are no safe areas in Rafah for Palestinian civilians. I call for full respect for international law and an immediate ceasefire.”

On 28th May, again, the Israeli air strike shelled refuge camps located in Kuwaiti Al-Salam Camp 1. The fire ignited by the attack cost at least 16 innocent civilians their lives. Benjamin Netanyahu is being highly criticized for adopting such venious tactics in International communities.

The Israeli Prime Minister called the fire break out a “tragic accident,” saying it was not intentional. According to his statement, IDF targeted two senior Hamas members in that area while also reassuring journalists that an investigation was going on.

The horrific situation in Rafah is being captured by a Palestinian journalist, Alamuddin Sadiq. The cry of Palestinians has touched millions of people across the globe, who are pressing their governments to take action to stop the ongoing “genocide.”

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