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Iranian Airbase At Isfahan Damaged By Israeli Missile: Is This The Beginning Of War?

Israel reportedly attacked Iran again on Friday, and this time, the target was a military base near Isfahan. Tehran is playing down the casualties and referring to the attackers as “infiltrators” instead of “Israelis.”

After the retaliation by Iran on 13th April, Israel’s response was anticipated. Despite the efforts by the UN and US to mollify Israel and avoid escalating the tension between the two regions, Israel attacked an Iranian air base near Isfahan early Friday. The Israeli military has not commented on this attack yet.

BBC analyzed the pictures of an airfield in Isfahan from satellite and confirmed it to be slightly damaged. Abdul Rahim Mousavi, Commander-In-Chief of the Iranian army, said, “The explosions in the sky above Isfahan were related to anti-aircraft systems shooting at what he called a suspicious object, which did not cause any damage.”

Tehran’s state-owned news channels are downplaying the casualties by showing regular people walking on the streets of Isfahan as usual. According to IRNA, the airport at Isfahan has also been reopened for flights. This indicates Iran’s reluctance to counterattack Israel for the ‘drone attack.”

According to Iranian officials, Iran’s air defense system at Isfahan and Tabriz were activated following the attack. But Tehran hasn’t labeled it as an Israeli attack yet in its official statement. It says, "The foreign source of the incident has not been confirmed. We have not received any external attack, and the discussion leans more towards infiltration than attack.”

The U.S secretary of State Antony Blinken also chose to stay silent when asked about the attack in a press conference in Italy.

The tension between Iran and Israel escalated when the latter attacked an Iranian consulate building in Syria on 1st April. Since then, we have seen Iran counter the assault by sending 350 drones as well as cruise missiles to Israel’s Nevatim Airbase. While the US is trying to avert open warfare, the series of punches and counter-punches continues.


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