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Iran Warns US To “Step Aside” As It Plans Retaliation Against Israel

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has sworn vengeance against Israel’s “intentional” airstrike on an Iranian consulate located in Syria, Damascus. Amid the rumors of a possible attack next week, Iran’s Deputy chief of staff has warned the US to “not fall into the traps of Israel,” or else they will get hurt.

The turmoil in the Middle East has only escalated in recent months. Amid the mounting pressure on both the USA and Israel to draw a ceasefire, on Monday, the Israeli military launches an airstrike on an Iranian consulate building adjacent to its embassy in Syria’s capital, Damascus, killing two top commanders of IRGC.

This was not the first time Israel had targeted Iran-backed establishments in Syria. But attacking a consulate has been viewed as a violation of International law that forbids bombing of embassies and other diplomatic organizations.


Israel has officially recognized the attack, releasing a statement that the building targeted and hit was not an embassy; in fact, it was the base of the Quds force disguised as a civil building. 

Iran’s Supreme Leader has vowed vengeance against Israel. He told CNN, “The hands of our courageous men will punish Israel.” According to US intelligence, Iran is planning an attack targeting American and Israeli assets or personnel. The type, time, and plan of the operation are still unknown, but the US is suspecting a hit by cruise missiles and Shahid drones.

In anticipation of possible attacks, the National Security Council sent a message to Iran stating, “The US had no involvement in the strike, and we did not know about it ahead of time.” 

The State Department has warned Iran not to use the previous attack on the consulate as a pretext to attack US personnel and facilities.”

However, Iranian administration officers are not silent either. The deputy chief of staff, Mohammed Jamshidi, wrote on X, “The Islamic Republic of Iran warns US leadership not to be dragged in Netanyahu’s traps. Stay away so you don’t get hurt.”

The security has increased in both Washington and Tel Aviv. Israel has canceled leaves for its combat troops, strengthened air defense, and also took measures to disrupt any GPS-navigated drones or missiles.

President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed the possible attack during Thursday’s phone call. Both leaders are anticipating an attack any time throughout the next week, which can ultimately change the dynamics of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.




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