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Iran’s President Announced Dead In A Helicopter Crash: Next Election To Be Held Within 50 Days!

Iran’s state TV has confirmed the death of missing President Ebrahim Raisi due to a plane crash in a remote region near the Iran-Azerbaijan border. The Supreme Leader has already appointed an interim President, ordering him to organize an election within the next 50 days.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is mourning as its President Raisi was declared dead after a search party located the crashed plane in the mountains of north-eastern Iran by drones. The videos show no signs of survival. Ebrahim Raisi was accompanied by his foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and five more people, including the pilots.

According to Iran’s State TV, the President went to Azerbaijan to inaugurate a dam. 

However, the helicopter went down near the border due to bad weather and heavy fog and was missing for a while. The foggy weather was making it difficult for rescuers to locate the actual site of the crash.

Neighboring countries and allies have expressed their condolences on the president's death. India’s President Narendra Modi wrote on X, “India is standing with Iran in the time of sorrow.” A statement from the Kremlin, which identified Iran as a true friend of Russia, was also published. 

On Monday, the cabinet met, after which an official statement was released. The cabinet members pledged to continue following Raisi’s path. “With the help of God and the people, there will be no problem with the management of the country,” says the statement.

The Supreme Leader has ordered 5 day mourning period as the citizens are in shock at the sudden demise of their leader. According to sources, the funeral rites of the deceased will start on Tuesday.

Mohammad Mokhber, the current interim President of Iran, addressed the nation after being chosen for his new role. He said, “Everyone should continue on with their roles despite this incident. In no way will this tragic incident interfere with the government and running of our country,”

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