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IDF Recovered Dead Bodies Of Three Hostages From Hamas Tunnel- Promises To Return All Captives 

Israeli military spokesperson confirmed finding the remaining three Israeli hostages who were taken to Gaza on Oct.7. Benjamin Netanyahu promised to return the rest of the hostages soon, both the living and the dead.

IDF has recovered the dead bodies of three hostages who were reportedly killed by Hamas troops. Families have confirmed their identities. Twenty-two-year-old Shani Louk, 28-year-old Amit Buskila, and 56-year-old Itshak Gelernter were all attending the Nova Music Festival, which was hours from ending. They were among the 360 Israelis who were killed then and there by a sudden attack from Hamas. However, their dead bodies were taken to Gaza along with other living captives.

IDF claims that they have relied on “intelligence” to trace and recover the location of these bodies. The Israeli military is in the middle of an operation inside Rafah, a southern city in Gaza, where allegedly Israeli hostages are kept hidden. 

Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the recovery of dead bodies, saying it was “heartbreaking.” He further promised to bring back the remaining hostages at any cost, both living and dead. In November, Hamas released 105 hostages in exchange for a week-long ceasefire and the release of a handful number of Palestinian captives. 

Right now, a ceasefire discussion is ongoing between Hamas and Israel in Cairo, Egypt. However, the chances of a successful agreement are quite thin as Israel has shown no intention of stopping the operation in Rafah.

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