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Hush-Money Trial Update: “Catch & Kill” Scheme Unveils As Publisher Admits “He Used To Bury Negative News”

David Pecker, the first witness of the trial, continued answering prosecutors on Tuesday as the court was adjourned only one hour into his testimony the day before. He explained the “catch and kill” strategy implied by tabloid publishers to push an image forward for particular celebrities.

The former National Enquirer publisher revealed that he had known Trump since 1980, and they were good friends. As the former president started his election campaign in 2015, they met again, and the tabloid publisher assured his election-candidate friend that he would bury negative news that could impact the former president's image.

Pecker recalls advising Trump, “This could be a very big story, so I believe that it should be removed from the market.”

Upon further pressing, Pecker talked about two incidents where he applied the “catch & kill” strategy to save Trump’s image. The first incident is when a door attendant of Trump Tower tries to sell a story claiming Mr. Trump has a secret child out of wedlock. But Pecker claims the story was “1000% untrue,” and so he teamed up with Trump to buy the rights to the story and keep it hidden.

A similar incident happened with Karen McDougal, who also came up with claims that she and ex-president Trump were in an affair. Pecker admits to paying her $150,000 to buy her silence on the matter.

The way the testimony is going, it seems the following questions will be regarding the payment made to Stormy Daniels.

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