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Hunter Biden’s Gun Case Is Under Deliberation: Could Lead To 25 Years In Prison 


Jurors have begun their deliberation in the case of Hunter Biden’s gun and drug possession in 2018. If convicted, the son of current President Joe Biden can end up in prison for as long as 25 years.


The charges against 54-year-old Hunter Biden is that he “knowingly” lied in a federal form regarding his drug consumption while buying a “gun” in Delaware. A total of three federal charges have been pushed against him, all related to him being a drug addict, using deception to possess a firearm and illegal possession of firearms.


His lawyer, Abbe Lowell, sent a message to the deliberating jurors saying his defendant didn’t lie about his drug usage. In fact, he filled out the form in “goodwill” as he was recovering from drug addiction back in 2018.


However, prosecutors reject this claim. Leo Wise, the lead prosecutor, has used Mr. Biden’s memoir and his old friend’s and lover’s testimonies to prove that the President’s son was, in fact, a drug addict in 2018. “No one is above the law. The case is "no more important, or less important, because of who the defendant is,” said Mr. Wise, “The central issue in this case is whether he was an addict and knew that he was.”


Abby Lowell refuted the testimonies from friends and lovers, saying they were indicating to Mr. Biden’s past drug usage before the 2018 incident. And those testimonies can’t be used to convict Mr. Biden.


Several members of the Biden family are present at the court for the verdict, including the First Lady- Jill Biden, step-sister- Ashley Biden, and Aunt- Valarie Biden.


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