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House Speaker Mike Johnson Rushes To Trump’s Support- Claims The Hush-Money Trial Is “Politically Motivated”

House Speaker Mike Johnson, a staunch ally of Trump during his presidency, made an unprecedented appearance on Tuesday. He rushed to the New York courthouse and publicly questioned the legitimacy of the ongoing and highly publicized hush-money trial. This marked the first time in American history that a House Speaker has referred to the U.S. federal and judicial system as a 'sham. '

House Speaker Mike Johnson visited the courthouse in a dramatic event to show public support for former President Trump. He is by far the most high-profile Republican to do so. As the trial enters its fourth week, many Republican lawmakers have rallied to Trump’s side and publicly criticized the judicial system for “intentionally keeping him away from the campaign.” 

Johnson, who made a brief appearance at the court, expressed his questionable views to journalists. He stated, 'This is election interference, and the American people won't stand for it.' 

'President Trump is a friend, and I wanted to show my support. It’s clear we are only 6 months away from an election day, and that’s why these charges have been brought.' When asked about Michael Cohen’s testimony, he commented, 'The star witness is Michael Cohen. I listened to a few moments of his testimony this morning. It's clear he's on a mission for personal revenge. The charge against Trump is falsification of business records, but it's widely known that he is not the bookkeeper of his company.'

As Judge Merchan barred Trump from making negative comments about the Jury and witnesses, his allies, including the House Speaker, have spoken out loud against the federal and state legal systems, questioning the legitimacy of the very foundation of U.S. democracy.

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