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House Speaker Calls On Columbia University President To Resign Amidst Roiling Protests

Mike Johnson, House Speaker, visited the University of Columbia on Wednesday. There, he openly called on the University’s President, Minouche Shafik, to resign from her post if she can’t do anything about the ongoing pro-Palestine demonstration at the campus.

Johnson sent his delegates to a meeting with Minouche Shafik earlier that day, where they expressed concern for Jewish students studying in the institution.

I am here today joining my colleagues and calling on President Shafik to resign if she cannot immediately bring order to this chaos," Mike said. “Our feeling is that they have not acted to restore order on the campus," he said. "This is dangerous. This is not free expression. This is not the First Amendment. They are threatening, intimidating."

 Boos from the students followed the speech. Some of them even chanted, “We can’t hear you. Mike, you suck.”

Students at the University of Columbia have been protesting for a week, pressuring the authorities to divest from organizations that fund Israel’s assault in Gaza. The University President has warned protestors to leave their encampments but to no avail. Since then, at least 10 New York Republicans have sent letters to Shafik urging her to step aside or take “action” to stop antisemitic protests at the campus.

“It’s always nuanced to control allowing students a free marketplace of ideas and allowing that to be unimpeded, and that is the role and responsibility of government institutions and even a private one. But in this case, the reason we’re here today is because this has crossed the line,” Mike said in an interview with NBC. He even suggested bringing national guards to break the encampments blocking certain New York University Campus portions.

Earlier this week, all classes at Columbia University were switched to online in an attempt to save Jewish students from getting harassed or heckled within the campus.

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