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Hamas Fired Long-Range Rockets Against Tel Aviv, Israel: The First Of Its Kind In Months

Hamas admitted launching a rocket attack against Israel on Sunday. For the first time since January, Tel Aviv hears sirens signaling a threat of rocket attack. However, The Israel Defense Forces later stated that most of the projectiles were intercepted successfully by its aerial defense system.


The official telegram channel of Al-Qassam Brigades, a Hamas armed wing, confirmed the news of launching 8 projectiles from Rafah. The militant group stated that the rockets were a form of response to the “Zionist massacre against civilians” in Rafah. IDF has not claimed any casualty yet, indicating that the majority of these rockets were intercepted.

The attack came two days after the International Criminal Court ordered Israel’s prime Minister to halt the ongoing offensive in Rafah. Israeli political analyst Akiva Eldar told Al Jazeera that such a form of attack could encourage Israeli leaders to worsen the assault in Rafah and play the victim in front of international authorities.

In a meeting of the war cabinet, the members suggested Benjamin Netanyahu continue with the operation in Rafah as it’s evident the militant group Hamas is still active there.

On Saturday, Hamas militants reportedly abducted Israeli soldiers from northern Gaza city, Jabalia. Israel has rejected that claim in a statement, “There is no incident in which a soldier was abducted.”

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