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Dreadful Rafah Invasion Begins: Netanyahu Says The Ceasefire Proposal From Hamas Doesn’t Fulfill Israel’s Core Demands

Hours after Hamas declared it had accepted a ceasefire proposal brokered by Egypt and Qatar, IDF entered Rafah and carried out a “targeted strike” to destroy Hamas’s dens in southern Gaza City, causing chaos as millions of Palestinian refugees had nowhere else to evacuate.

The ongoing ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas in Cairo, Egypt, was a beacon of hope for Palestinians who have been running for their lives for the past seven months. However, hours later, Hamas announced that a ceasefire deal was secured, pointing toward an end to the ongoing war; IDF abruptly commenced an air strike in Rafah. The movement is a clear indication that the ceasefire deal didn’t sit well with Israel’s war cabinet, who unanimously agreed to start a ground operation in Rafah.

Huge IDF tanks were seen entering Rafah’s border on 6th May. One Palestinian witness described the attack as “Heavy gunfire, very, very heavy bombardment with planes, rockets, tanks, machine guns all bombing.”

United Nations chief warns that further escalation of the “offensive in Rafah” would be a significant strategic mistake, political calamity as well as a humanitarian nightmare.

Clarifying why Israel is invading Rafah as it could close the way for Israeli hostages to be released, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “The entrance to Rafah serves two main war goals, the return of our hostages and the elimination of Hamas. We have already proven in the previous release of the abductees that military pressure on Hamas is a necessary condition for the return of our hostages. The Hamas proposal yesterday was intended to torpedo the entry of our forces into Rafah. It didn’t happen. As the war cabinet unanimously decided, the Hamas proposal is very far from Israel’s necessary requirements.”

He further added, “ Israel will not allow Hamas to restore its evil rule in the Gaza Strip. Therefore, I insisted the labor ranks that went to Cairo continue to stand firm on the conditions necessary for the release of our abductees.” Despite Israel’s long-cherished wish to greenlight a military expedition in Rafah, its ally, the United States, has backed down, stating that the White House will not support a ground invasion in Rafah without a plan to protect the civilians.

Rafah is the only standing city in the whole Gaza Strip, and millions of displaced Palestinians have taken refuge here. It is also an essential route used by trucks carrying humanitarian supplies to enter Gaza. There’s a high possibility the supply of aid will decline if IDF starts its operation in Rafah. 

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