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Donald Trump Booed At Libertarian Party National Convention As He Asked For The Party’s Endorsement

Former President Donald Trump’s arrival at the Libertarian Party’s National Convention on Saturday caused mass division among the party’s supporters. While some supporters tried to cheer him up during a speech, the majority of the attendees booed and dried insults showcasing the party’s lack of interest or trust in the presumptive republican candidate.

As the Libertarian party is about to choose a nominee this Sunday, President Trump decided to address the “supporters of freedom” in Washington on a Saturday night. As he started his speech, his supporters chanted “USA! USA!” wearing “Make America proud again” hats and tea shirts. However, the cheers were soon subsided by boos as the republican nominee called upon the audience to nominate him on Sunday or at least vote for him. 

Some attendees screamed, “Lock him up,” and “You had your shot,” as Trump was explaining his agenda for the 2024 election. One even showed a placard where “No Wannabe Dictator!” was written. 

Former President Trump tried his best to continue his 34-minute-long speech, which, by the way, is the shortest campaign speech he has ever given. At one point, he replied to the insults, saying, “I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me, and we should win together. Because the libertarians want to vote for me, and it’s important because we have to get rid of the worst president in history. Only do that if you want to win; if you want to lose, don’t do that. Keep getting 3% every year.”

He also promised to include libertarians in his cabinet if he wins this time. As he bashed Biden for being a “tyrant,” someone shouted, “That’s you.” Donald Trump, who has always faced an ever-adoring crowd, had to undergo face-to-face criticism for the first time. 

Many have questioned President Trump’s somewhat unconventional interest in courting libertarian votes. Political critics assume the Republicans are concerned about R.F. Kennedy’s individual bid for the White House given his high-profile background. Mr. Kennedy also addressed the Libertarian Party this Friday.

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