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Disgraced Former Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Sentenced to 40 Years In Prison- Pleaded Guilty 22 Financial Crimes!

South Carolina Judge has sentenced Alex Murdaugh to 40 years in federal prison as he was found guilty to 22 financial allegations charged against him in September last year. Monday, March 1, disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh, already serving a life sentence without parole for killing his wife and son, was convicted by U.S District Court Judge Richard.M. Gargel on the grounds of money laundering, embezzlement, wired money, etc.

Alex Murdaugh, aged 55, was a successful personal injury lawyer in Hamptown County three years ago. However, on June 7, 2021, he killed both his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul. He has been sentenced to serve a lifetime in prison for the murders in state prison.

Upon further investigation, his financial crimes came to light, especially when several victims came forward to expose him. According to victims, he used to win their cases and keep a significant portion of the settlement money for himself. Considering he was a personal injury lawyer, most of his victims were vulnerable and poor.

The list of his victims includes a client who developed quadriplegia after a crash, a deceased couple who left a trust fund intended for their children, and a state trooper who was injured during his job. However, the most shocking allegations came from the children of his housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield, who died while working in his house.

Federal agents have asked for a prison time between 17 ½ to 22 years. But Judge Gargel decided on a 40-year sentence with a restitution of $ 9 million. While passing down the judgment, Richard. M. Gargel said, “I am punishing him harder because he stole money from the needy, vulnerable people. Murdaugh stole from them who put all their trust in him.”

The disbarred attorney expressed his guilt and apologized to the victims:” I do want you to know and all of the victims to know I am filled with sorrow, remorse, and guilt.”

Even if Murdaugh succeeds in appealing his murder sentence, he will still have to serve at least 4 decades in federal prison due to fraudulent financial activities. His attorney, Jim Griffin, looked confident about freeing Murdaugh from murder allegations.

He said in front of Charleston court, “Federal inmates are doing approximately 60% of their sentences. So at 40 years, that would equate to 4 years.” commenting on this statement, Eric Bland, the victim’s prosecutor, said, “it’s offensive to equate Murdaugh’s victims with the victims of Bernie Madoff, Samuel Bankman-Fried or Enron Victims.”

For now, there’s no chance for Murdaugh to get out of prison anytime soon.






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