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Democrat’s New $200 Million Ad Campaign Targets Swing Voters From Rural Areas: An Attempt To Chip Away Trump’s Most Loyal Voters

Democrats are not shying away from spending $200 on an ad campaign targeting states with Swing voters, especially rural women who haven’t picked a side yet. The campaign aims to gain more credibility for the Biden administration among rural and exurban voters who are not usually saturated by such political ads.

Trump has won his previous election with the help of voters from rural or exurban states. According to the Associated Press, in the 2020 election, Trump was ahead with 60% of the votes in his favor in the northern rural and conservative states. Till now, Biden is trailing Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, areas mostly populated with swing voters. Democrats usually don’t focus much on these states, as the voters are too conservative and aren’t easy to please with “liberal” rights or facilities.

However, the upcoming 2024 election is different in that Democrats have spent around $200 million of campaign funds to saturate these northern states with political ads, especially in Erie, Johnstown, and Altoona, Pennsylvania; Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City, Michigan; and Wausau and Rhinelander, Wisconsin. 

American Bridge 21st Century produces the ads. Its co-founder, Bradley Beychok, commented on the ad campaign, “We should compete everywhere. People are afraid of Trump. And in some cases, you have to remind them why.”

First-person testimonies are the basic format of these ads. According to Beychok, people from these swing states want to hear the opinions of voters who are just like them. One of the ads features 57-year-old Lori Cataldi, a nurse in Pennsylvania. She says, “If we reelect Trump, what are women going to lose next? Women need to pay attention to what’s important to women. And I’m hoping that it speaks to other women who are just like me,” hinting toward the new abortion policy in major states.

The ads mainly focusing the dissatisfaction of voters regarding abortion bans, healthcare crises, loss of freedom, etc. Another ad features a 74-year-old nurse horrified by Roe VS Wade's overturn. “When Roe v. Wade was overturned, I just felt that I had suddenly become a second-class citizen,” she said.

“I’m really worried that this is just the tip of the iceberg, that we’re going backward. I really believe, just from the last year, from interactions with people, that there are more people who feel like I do but are just quiet and going about their lives. We’re going to make our voices heard with our vote.” She said.

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