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David DePape, The Man Who Assaulted Former US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

David DePape, who broke into former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California house in 2022, was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison by the San Francisco court on Friday. Although the defense attorney requested a 14-year sentence as the defendant had no criminal record before this, the Judge decided on a 30-year serve time as DePape showed no remorse or guilt.

DePape was convicted last year on two grounds, including attempted kidnapping and assault on a government official’s family member. Earlier this month, the prosecutors asked for a 40-year prison time for the assailant. On May 17th, Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley finally passed down the verdict, sentencing DePape to stay behind bars for 30 years.

However, the judge acknowledged the 18 months DePape has already served since the day he was detained. Judge Corley decided 20 years of prison time for the first charge, which was attempting to kidnap Nancy Pelosi, and 30 years for the second charge, assaulting Paul Pelosi physically. However, the total time in lock-up will be 30 years instead of 50, as the Judge allowed him to serve both punishments co-currently.

Nancy Pelosi requested the judge to go for maximum punishment as the victim, her husband, suffered severe injuries during the attack. In October 2022, DePape broke into the Pelosi house, hoping to kidnap the former speaker. He admitted in his statement that his intentions were to interrogate Nancy on some of her controversial policies.

As Nancy was out of town that fateful night, her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked by frustrated Depape, who, according to investigators, was motivated by conspiracy theories like QAnon.

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