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Buckingham Palace Unveils New Portrait Of King Charles- Gathers Both Praise & Criticism

On Tuesday, Buckingham Palace shared glimpses of a new portrait of King Charles III. This marks the first official portrait of the 73-year-old King of Britain since his coronation last May.

The official post by Royal Palace on Tuesday showcases both videos and pictures of the unveiling ceremony in the presence of King Charles, Queen Camilla, and the painter Jonathan Yeo himself.

Standing at a grand nine by seven ft, the canvas features King Charles III in a military uniform, a nod to his past as a Regiment Colonel in the Welsh Guards. A butterfly, symbolizing rebirth or metamorphosis, perches on the King’s shoulder. However, it’s the unconventional use of red or crimson brush strokes that truly captivated viewers, a departure from the traditional royal paintings.

Although the comments on the official page are mostly positive, people on social media were not very charitable with their opinions. Most negative comments point out the choice of a red background for the portrait, claiming, “It looks like the king is burning in hell or taking a blood bath.” One person wrote on X, “Charles’s face is like a disembodied specter of death floating between violent brushstrokes.”

On the other hand, many art critics have given positive feedback to the portrait, saying the color palette was rather unique and interesting. Richard Morris wrote on X, “I really like the portrait. Before photography, to have a great painter capture your real appearance, you accepted the revelation of your flaws and your mortality. It’s what Yeo captures here.”

Jonathan Yeo is a familiar name in the royal household due to his previous paintings featuring Queen Camilla’s father, the late Prince Phillip, and the likeness of Nicole Kidman and Malala Yousafzai. Yeo started the painting in 2021 when King Charles was still a prince. The British monarch has reportedly sat four times for Yeo to complete the prestigious project.

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