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Bodies Of Three Australian & American Tourists Who Have Been Missing From One Week Found In An Abandoned Well

Two brothers, Jake and Callum Robinson from San Diego, as well as Jack Carter Rhoad from Australia, went missing during their visit to Rosarita, a Mexican beach. After searching for a week, Mexico police found the bodies in a local well near Santo Tomás, and their identities were confirmed by families.

The three tourists went on a trip to Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Their trip was going really well, according to the photos they posted on social media. However, on April 27, the tourists didn’t report to their rented AirBNB, sparking speculation among friends and families.

A few days after the search mission was deployed, a pick-up truck and camping materials were found in a deserted area of Santo Tomás, which belonged to the tourists. It didn’t take long before the police located an abandoned well near the town of Santo Tomás and decided to reopen it. And what they found was shocking.

Corps of the mentioned tourists were inside the 50 mt deep well around 4 miles away from the town. But surprisingly, an extra corps was there as well, whose identity is still unclear.

Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers expressed deep sympathy for the tourist’s family, saying, “I think the whole country’s heart goes out to all of their loved ones. It has been an absolutely horrendous, absolutely horrific ordeal, and our thoughts are with all of them today,” he said at a news conference Monday in the capital, Canberra.

State Prosecutor María Elena Andrade Ramírez explained the horrific incident. According to her, the tourists were attacked by thieves who were trying to steal the tires of their pick-up trucks. And when caught, the thieves shot the three and carried their bodies to dump them into the well. She believes the fourth corps was also another victim of the same group of thieves. Till now, three suspects have been detained.

The incident has raised concern within the tourist community, as the moderator of the “Talk Baja” internet forum wrote, “The reality is, the dangers of traveling to and camping in remote areas are outweighing the benefits anymore.”

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