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Biden To Restrict Migrants From Seeking Asylum At Us-Mexico Border

Ahead of the 2024 election scheduled for November, the President has unveiled his new plans regarding the immigration “issue” at the US-Mexico border. In an attempt to neutralize his political liability, Biden has announced perhaps the strongest immigration screening policy to date in US history.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden addressed the pressing issue of the US-Mexico border, a challenge that has been a significant part of his presidency. The number of people seeking asylum at the border has reached unprecedented levels, surpassing all previous records. This has been a major point of criticism for Biden, with Trump and House GOP members repeatedly highlighting his perceived inability to manage the situation effectively.

According to the new policy, the number of encounters entertained daily should not exceed 2500. Also, the asylum seekers will be screened by a screening officer who will adhere to specific rules and regulations. In short, the screening process has been made strict, so much so that if the asylum seeker is found to be lying about being in danger in his/her home country,  the border authorities will immediately deport the candidate.

Further punishment is also mentioned in the report, where the asylum seeker might be barred from re-entering the US for 5 years. However, if the asylum seeker passes the rigid screening, the entrusted asylum officer will provide limited humanitarian support.

In his speech, Biden blamed republican party members who didn’t vote for the bipartisan legislation bill. Biden said if Congress agreed with the proposed bill, it would have been easier to support the border officials financially.

Biden’s agreement with Mexico ensures that the neighboring country will take up to 30,000 rejected asylum seekers who originally belonged to Cuba, Haiti, Necaguara, etc. However, it’s still unclear what will happen to the asylum seekers from other countries.

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