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Barron Trump Backs Down From Serving As A Member Of Florida Delegation At The Republican National Convention

Barron Trump, who was considered to be part of the 41-member Florida Delegation at the National Republican Convention, has turned down the offer. Unlike his siblings, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany Trump, the 18-year-old will no longer serve at the House GOP’s presidential candidate announcement.

Several members of Donald Trump’s family are confirmed to be part of the Florida Delegation at the Republican National Convention scheduled for July. On Wednesday, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida announced Barron, the youngest Trump, ’s participation at the upcoming event. Many Republicans were excited to see the 18-year-old’s political debut. 

However, Melania Trump’s office issued a statement highlighting Barron’s dedication to his commitments on Friday. “While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to his prior commitments, demonstrating his admirable sense of responsibility,” the statement read.

Barron is all set to graduate high school next week. Donald Trump reportedly has no court on May 17 to be able to attend his son’s graduation ceremony. 

Donald Trump has often expressed his pride in Barron’s interest in politics. “He does like politics. It’s sort of intriguing. He will tell me sometimes, Dad, this is what you have to do.” 

The convention will be held in Milwaukee from July 15 to July 18. It’s the ceremony at which the House GOP will officially announce Donald Trump as their 2024 presidential candidate. Amid the ongoing hush-money trial, the former President is having difficulties campaigning as hard as his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

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