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Assassination Attempt On Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico- Assailant Was Politically Motivated

An assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico under broad daylight has stunned the whole nation. The assailant, now proven to be a “lone wolf,” shot five bullets toward Fico as he left a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Fico, who is now admitted to the intensive care unit for major injuries in their stomach and arm, was the target of an assassination on Wednesday. The bullets, which were shot quickly, one after another, took his security team by surprise. In a viral video circulating online, the bodyguards were seen grabbing him off the ground, rushing inside a black car, and then speeding off. The rest of the security team helped detain the assailant.

One eyewitness told the journalist, “I heard three shots. It was quick, one by one, like if you throw a firecracker on the ground.”

The current president of Slovakia addressed the nation and asked them to remain calm. “I am shocked; we are all shocked. A physical attack on the prime minister is primarily an attack on a person, an attack on democracy. The hateful rhetoric we see in society leads to hateful acts. Please, let’s stop it,” she said.

The assailant's name has not been confirmed yet, but many speculate he is a political activist who has participated in anti-government protests in the past. In his statement, he revealed his dissatisfaction with the government’s policy, especially its stance on state media. 

The Slovakian government recently proposed abolishing public broadcaster RTVS, sparking backlash among its citizens. President-elect Mr Pellegrini visited Fico on Thursday, saying the prime minister’s condition is now “stable;” however, the injuries were “too dangerous.” "The situation is very critical, and we have to give him a lot of energy and be positive," said Pellegrini.

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