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Arizona Supreme Court Has Banned Abortions At All Levels, Adhering To A 160-Year-Old Law

Arizona Supreme Court has passed a new anti-abortion rule that bans abortions at all levels. It supersedes the previous 15-week ban followed by the majority of the clinics in Arizona. According to the new law, any clinic or doctor that assists in abortion will receive a prison sentence of two to five years.

On Tuesday, the chief justice in the Arizona Supreme Court stated a new rule banning abortion to its totality from the state. It’s the rebirth of an 1864 abortion law from the time of the Civil War when Arizona was not even a state. Upon the overturn of the Roe vs. Wade case in 2022, many states have brought changes to their reproductive laws. After Tennessee, Texas, and Mississippi, it was Arizona’s turn.

The law restricts doctors in Arizona from providing abortion pills as well as surgeries unless the life of the mother is in severe danger. The law doesn’t specify the case of raped women.

State Attorney General Kris Mayes told CNN, “Today’s decision to reimpose a law from a time when Arizona wasn’t a state, the Civil War was raging, and women couldn’t even vote will go down in history as a stain on our state.”

No woman or doctor will be prosecuted under this draconian law … as long as I am attorney general. Not by me, nor by any county attorney serving in our state. Not on my watch.” Mayes added.

The law will be enforceable after 14 days. Doctors are concerned as they don’t know how to serve patients who regularly visit their clinics asking for an abortion. 

The chief medical director of Planned Parenthood Arizona told CNN, “Absolutely unbelievable consequences for the patients in our community, and we just … cannot state enough how dire the situation is going to be for the patients who need to access abortion here in Arizona. Providers need to be able to take care of their patients without fear of legal repercussions and criminalization.”

However, the law can be overturned after the November 2024 election. Right now, voters in Arizona are fighting to ensure a ballot measure approving abortion rights.

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