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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs Signed A Bill That Repeals The 1864 Abortion-Ban 

On Thursday, Democratic Arizona governor Katie Hobbs signed the bill to repeal the ban on abortions, which the Arizona Supreme Court enforced. Hobbs said it’s just the beginning of establishing women’s reproductive rights in Arizona.”

After the hours-long vote on Wednesday, the legislative approval to repeal the 1864 abortion ban was gained. The result of the vote of 16 to 14 was that two GOP lawmakers decided to side with the Democrats.

Pleased with the final outcome, Katie Hobbs addressed the journalists, “Almost a month ago, I stood in this very room detailing the dangers of the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the 1864 total abortion ban. In the weeks since then, we have seen women and health care providers suffer from the chaos and confusion caused by this ruling.”

She mentioned the state of fear in women and doctors currently living in Arizona, “I have heard from doctors who were unsure if they would wind up in a jail cell for simply doing their job, women who told me they didn’t know if it was safe to start a family here in Arizona. This ban needs to be repealed. I have said it in 2022 when Roe was overturned, and I have said it again and again as governor.”

The repeal could take 90 days to be enforced, during June or July. During the vote, Republican lawmakers kept mentioning biblical terms and even went on to play an audio recording of a child’s heartbeat, but to no avail. The Democrats, on the other hand, argued, “ I should not have to follow your religious beliefs,” explaining the dangers of legislating religious beliefs.

Earlier, when the long-dormant law was passed, Katie Hobbs denounced it, saying, “This law was passed in 1864 by 27 men, during a time when Arizona was not even a state, women didn’t have any voting rights, and America was at war over the rights to own slaves.” The abortion-ban law only allowed mothers whose life would be at risk to perform abortions without mentioning anything about the survivors of rape and incest.

Following the repeal, the previous law, which gives a woman 15 weeks to get an abortion, will prevail. 

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