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Apple’s CEO Announces To Jump Into The AI Race At World Wide Developers Conference

During the first day of the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple announced its interest in integrating AI features in the upcoming iOS 18. From Open AI CEO Sam Altman to developers from 60 countries around the world joined the conference.

Apple usually holds a one-week-long conference in June to notify users all around the world about the key features of the upcoming innovation. And, not drifting away from this ritual, Apple organized its World Wide Developers Conference on Monday. It seems the upcoming models of iPad, Mac books, iPhones, and Apple watches will have AI integrated deeply into the system. Apple is trying to partner with Microsoft, Google and Open AI to improve Apple assistant Siri’s performance.

The upcoming series of gadgets from Apple will showcase the powers of “Apple Intelligence.” Although it’s still a vision, the new iOS 18 will let its users get AI help in every aspect of life, from sending an email and proofreading a paragraph to creating customized avatars for your contact list, etc.

All of this goes beyond artificial intelligence; it’s personal intelligence, and it is the next big step for Apple,” said Tim Cook. During this conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared the iPhone 5S obsolete.

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