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4.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattled East Coast, U.S.A.: The Strongest In Decades

On Friday, a 4.8-magnitude earthquake was felt across the northeast region of the U.S.A. According to U.S.G.C. reports, this was the strongest quake on the East Coast since 2011.

On Friday, at around 10:23 a.m., an earthquake shook the buildings of New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The United States Geological Survey has pointed out Lebanon, New Jersey, as its original point or epicenter. The depth of the quake was estimated to be 3 miles. However, the impact was felt across the entire east coast from Maryland to Maine.

Seismologists from U.S.G.C. reported, “Earthquakes in this region are uncommon but not unexpected. It’s likely people near the epicenter are going to feel aftershocks from this earthquake in the magnitude 2-3 range, and there’s a small chance there can be an earthquake as large or larger following an earthquake like this. In terms of our operations, this is a routine earthquake. Immediately, we knew this would be highly interesting and important to people who don’t feel earthquakes a lot.”

Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy reassured citizens, “We have activated our State Emergency Operations Center. Please do not call 911 unless you have an actual emergency.”

Local and regional officials are investigating the severity of casualties. But, very few reports of damaged properties have been informed.

However, seismologists believe the danger is not over yet. There are chances of several aftershocks, two of which have already passed within a few hours of the quake with a magnitude of 2.2. U.S.G.C. reports suggest a 36% probability of an aftershock with a magnitude over 3.0 hitting over the following week.

New York City Governor Kathy Hachul wrote on X; My team is assessing impact and any damage that might have occurred. We will keep reporting to the public throughout the day.

The East Coast is known for major flood attacks instead of earthquakes. Hence, it’s difficult for local officials to be prepared for the upcoming disaster and take swift action. This explains why the earthquake alarm was 40 minutes late, leading the residents of New Jersey to be in a frenzy and unprepared during the catastrophe.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, even though no major hamper was noticed in the transportation system, Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport delayed flights.

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